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Our Services

Light House Cleaning

PHHCS staff will help

our clients with light cleaning:

 dusting, dishes, vacuuming, laundry (washing, drying, folding clothes)

Light Cooking

PHHCS staff will assist with light cooking such as meal preparation or cooking the actual meals.

Personal Hygiene

PHHCS staff will conduct

non-medical personal hygiene: 

bathing, showering assistance, bed baths, grooming, oral hygiene, prepping/cleaning dentures, shaving (electric razors only).

Skin care facial and body lotion with non-medical lotions. 

Respite Care
Personal Assistance

PHHCS staff will provide personal assistance as directed by PHHCS Administrator and Operations Manual though the following can be provided today:

-Appointment Reminders

-Taking Medicine Reminders (can not issue or prepare meds)

-Grocery Shopping with or without client

-Companionship (relieving full-time caregiver - time off)

-Safety Supervision (during companionship coverage, respite)

-Transportation will follow PHHCS policy and TBD case by case

PHHCS staff can provide "respite care" for family caregivers.

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